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Prescription painkillers are opioid medications. So, they we use them to manage pain of high to very high severity. (such as pain associated with surgical procedures or more chronic conditions like cancer). They can be safe and beneficial medications when taken exactly as prescribed. But when misused they have powerful addictive potential. Thus, can cause dangerous depressant effects. (online prescriptions uk).

The active chemicals in opioid pain medications activate opioid receptors in the brain. Minimizing the levels of perceived pain and producing feelings of calm and wellbeing. When taken in high doses, the feelings can mimic those of the potent street opiate heroin. Many who strive to achieve these feelings time and again fall prey to a cycle of compulsive misuse. Those using the drugs to get high will often:

  • Take higher doses than directed.
  • Take doses more than directed.
  • Crush the pills into a powder form for unintended routes of administration. including snorting the pills or dissolving the powder in solution to then inject into a vein.
Doing any of the above can have detrimental and life-threatening consequences. So, the consequences can range from respiratory depression to widespread vascular inflammation. online prescriptions uk.

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Can I get addicted even if I have a prescription?

Yes, you can get addicted to opioids even if you have a prescription.

 Opioids activate the reward pathways in the brain and induce feelings of pleasure. This mechanism acts as positive reinforcement to continue taking the drug. This addictive potential is the reason why doctors watch someone taking a painkillers. Taking more than instructed can further increase the risk of developing an addiction. online prescriptions uk.
If you take a painkiller for a legitimate medical need, follow your doctor’s instructions. So, avoid taking more than prescribed, the risk of addiction is low. Over time, you may develop some level of tolerance to the medication and need a higher dose to reduce pain. This is a normal response to ongoing opioid therapy. But, you should never make the decision to increase your dosage on your own. Doing so will put you at risk of adverse effects and overdose.

Are painkillers safer than illegal drugs?

One common misconception is that opioid painkillers are safer than illicit drugs.

Due to their legality and medicinal properties, but that isn’t always the case. In high enough doses, the effects of prescription opioids are indistinguishable from heroin. A dangerous illicit substance. So, painkillers can produce profound respiratory depression at high doses. So, those who abuse them are at increased risk of respiratory arrest. which can result in widespread organ injury, coma, and later death. uk prescription cost. click here

Can I overdose on prescription opioids?


it is possible to overdose on prescription opioids. Doctors prescribe these drugs with strict dosing parameters for a reason. When people abuse painkillers, they often take far more than the recommended amount. As such approach lethal doses much faster than intended. (especially if used in combination with other opioids, sedatives, or alcohol). So, because these drugs are depressants, overdose can result in slowed breathing. uk prescription cost. click here

How similar are prescription opioids and heroin?

Prescription opioids and heroin are similar in chemical structure. as well as their effects on the mind and body. Research has revealed a connection between prescription painkiller abuse and heroin use.

What happens if I suddenly stop using opioids?

If you abuse opioid painkillers, then it’s likely that you will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms once you stop using. This is due to the physical dependence that develops as the body adapts to the presence of the drug. Once dependent on any drug, your body will act as if it needs the drug for baseline functioning.

How do I quit abusing prescription painkillers safely?

If you suffer from an addiction to prescription painkillers, help is available to you. Quitting opioids cold turkey can be unpleasant. And painful and may place you at increased risk of relapse. So, you can get help in detoxing in a supervised program. Email us