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What Our Clients Say

I can't express how happy we are with Pharmalab. Personal service, knowing us all by name, and knowing our needs in advance. You just can't get this service at one of the big chain pharmacies. Thanks

Ellen G

I love this pharmacy. The greatest people work here. If you want a friendly neighborhood vibe then come here. The dedication and time they take to talk to you and fill your prescription is remarkable. They are very fast and efficient! Always willing to stop what they are doing and help those in need. Their communication skills are perfect! You can't teach that. That is just how amazing they are. Best place to fill your prescriptions and amazing atmosphere. A+

Amanda H

Really sweet people that work their always fast best pharmacy that I ever been too . I will continue to go here for a really long time

Priscilla S

This is the best pharmacy ever. The pharmacist here is so sweet she always make sure that my medication is in I never have to worry about getting my medication. Even if my medication does not get cover covered by my insurance company then she always has good prices. I use to go to walgreens but I don't like going there anymore. They always wanted to keep me from getting my meds. So I went across the street they said don't worry I will get your meds transfer over here you don't have to do it I'll take care of everything. So glad that I go there now.

Margaret C.

I was actually supposed to make this a little while ago. My appointment was a little bit over 3 weeks ago, but I figure if I still leave a review it must mean that my visit was exceptional. First I got to say that these people they're very polite, they're accurate, and fast. If you're sick and you need to get in and out, this is your place. The fact that it's brand new and not a lot of people know it yet is amazing and even then, I don't think it would matter because the quality of the customer service is exceptional!!!!

Patrick A.

Pharmalab is awesome. Once I started filling prescriptions there she has always taken care of me and my family. I have recurring prescriptions and she always makes sure she has stock. Their pricing is always good too.


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